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    Online Institute Management Software!!!

    India's leading School & College Automation !!!
    • Complete College automation / School automation
    • Improves College performance & reputation
    • Easy & Quick Access To All Reports
    • Available online as well as offline
    • Portal Login For Module Admins, Student, Parent & Staff
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    Fees Management

    Integrated Payment Gateway & SMS Alerts !!!
    • Fee Head Creation and fees & fine Configuration
    • Student Exemption / Discount Management.
    • Fees Accept, manage part payment, cheque bounce
    • Outstanding report, Collection report etc
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    Academics Management

    Integrated Payment Gateway & SMS Alerts !!!
    • Timetable Setting & Populate to Portal
    • Attendance Marking Classwise & Subjectwise.
    • Subject Syllabus & Lesson Planning
    • Notes, Homework & Assignment Management
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    Efficient Communication Medium

    SMS , Email & Notification !!!
    • Announcement, Face of Week, Photo Gallery.
    • Email System, Chat System
    • Receive SMS Alerts from various Modules.
    • Send Bulk SMS to Student, Parent & Staff
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    Examination Management System (Report Card)

    SSC, CBSE & ICSE Pattern !!!
    • Grade Master with Points Configuration
    • Exam Configuration & Exam Timetable Publish
    • Seat No Generation , Hall Ticket Generation
    • Paper Checking & Exam marks entry Management
    • Publish Result and Generate Report Card
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    Library Management System

    (Online & Offline Mode) !!!
    • Master Configuration for Complete Library.
    • Manage Issue and Return of Books, CD and other media
    • Fine configuration and management.
    • Generate various report for records and analysis
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    Leave & Payroll Management !!!

    Biometric & RF Enabled Attendance
    • Leave Configuration and Leave Management.
    • Salary Head creation and Salary Configuration
    • Biometric / Excelsheet / Online Employee Attendance.
    • Process Leave and Payroll
    • Publish various report of Leave and Payroll on Portal
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SchoolExcel Modules

Enquiry and Front Desk

  • Online / Offline Enquiry Data Collection
  • Admission Form selling and Brochure selling.
  • Keep Track of Visitors

Admission Module

  • Manage Admission forms with documents
  • Generate Merit List by custom criteria
  • Confirm candidate admission and collect fees
  • Manage other Merit List, if seat available

Student Management

  • Manage multiple academic batches & divisions
  • Automatic Roll Number generation as per rules
  • Template based generation & printing of I-Cards for Students, Parents & Faculty
  • Manage Students’ personal & academic profiles and Parents’ profiles

Fees Module

  • Fee Head & Group Creation with Party/Account
  • Fees & Fine Configuration class & studentwise
  • Student Scholarships & Discount management
  • Handling Cheque bounces & Bank Reconciliations
  • Reports of Daily collection, Fee Head & Student wise
  • Outstanding report, Collection report etc .

Academic Modules

  • Subject & Syllabus management
  • Publishing Timetables for Students & Faculty
  • Management of Daily & Monthly attendance
  • Lesson Plan module
  • Online Quiz module
  • Assignment, Notes & Worksheet module

Examination Module

  • System for schools (SSC, CBSE, ICSE) and for Degree colleges
  • Configuration of Grade Master with Points
  • Exam Configuration & publishing of Exam Timetables
  • Seat Number & Hall Ticket generation
  • Managing Answer Sheet checks & exam marks entry
  • Publish results and Generate report cards

HR & Payroll

  • Leave Configuration and Leave Management
  • Salary Head creation and Salary configuration
  • Biometric/Excelsheet/Online employee attendance
  • Processing Leave and Payroll
  • Publish various reports of Leave and Payroll on the portal

Tally Integration

  • Tally compatible file will be generated for import
  • Fee & Payroll information will be posted
  • Stock Sales transaction can be posted
  • Library fine and other monetary transactions can be posted

Library Module

  • Master Configuration for the complete Library
  • Manage issues and Returns of books, CD and other media
  • Fine configuration and management
  • Generate various reports for records and analysis

GPS Transport Module

  • Vehicle Master, Route Master & Stop creation
  • Bus allocation to Students
  • Automatic Fees Linking to Students
  • Keep track of students and vehicle on daily basis
  • Bus or Route wise SMS to Parents

Daily Updates

  • Announcements/Message Board
  • Calendar Events & Thought for the day
  • Face of the week
  • Poll Management for decision making
  • Document Manager

Communication Module

  • SMS Notification
  • Bulk SMS Facility
  • Email Notification
  • Bulk Email Facility


Access to Updates & Notification anytime,anywhere!!!!


Better communication between Parent, Teacher, Student & Administrator

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Academic Update

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Calendar Events

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